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The Do’s And Don’ts When Planning A Food Truck Wedding

When you are in middle of an event planning, looking for food truck catering options is a good idea. Food truck wedding is convenient, easier and affordable compared to conventional eateries.

Food truck catering! Is this something that you’ve been seeing everywhere? Yes, you’ve heard it right… Food trucks aren’t just a medium of a quick weekday meal any longer. They can do big wedding catering as well, especially for summer weddings. Here’s what you must and mustn’t do when planning a unique food truck wedding.

Use a Food Truck Finder for Catering: online food truck finders offer you a list of best food trucks available in the city that are nearest to your location and at affordable rates.

Consider the Season for a Food Truck Wedding: summer is the best time for any outdoor events, so it is for weddings.

Work on Your Guest Calculations: food trucks are capable of serving several people in no time; however, there may be long waits, which your guest may dislike. Food truck catering capacity must be calculated, and the number of these mobile eateries should be arranged accordingly.

Make Guest Seating Arrangements: this is an important part for your event planning. Food trucks offer buffet service; thereby, you must figure out seating arrangements on your own for your guests.

Focus on a Food Truck Wedding Theme: food on wheels is now available across the country in a number of shapes and themes. Use the food truck finder to look around for such mobile food shops that best suits your wedding theme.

Plan an Ideal Menu: select variety of dishes to go with, if you choose these carts for your main menu. Some popular dishes for food truck wedding include falafel, fried chicken, stir-fry and gyros. You may also choose fusion-food offered by many food truck chains.

Planning your wedding with an innovative theme, especially with food truck catering can completely turn the tables towards you. The idea of wedding food on wheels has become very popular these days, over the old-fashioned catering using conventional restaurants.