Terms & Condition


With the popularity of gourmet food trucks, many of the more desirable trucks are booked far in advance.  Being able to start early and plan ahead will offer you the best chance of booking exactly the trucks you have in mind.


There are two basic ways of hiring a food truck.

The first is Direct Catering.  This means one entity (i.e. your company) is paying for a specific number of meals at a pre-determined, per-person price.  This may also include additional charges such as “service charges”, “travel charges” etc.  These vary with each truck and need to be negotiated on an individual basis.  Often a deposit is required (usually 50% of the total bill) in advance to hold your date.  Naturally, we will help find trucks that fit your particular budget.  You will negotiate the final price and specific details with the individual trucks

The second way is Individually Paid Catering.  In this instance, you are arranging for a food truck to come to your venue but the guests will purchase their food individually.  In this situation, trucks will often require a Guaranteed Minimum. This ensures that they will make enough in sales to justify their bringing the truck and staff to the event.  The amount of the guarantee will vary from truck to truck but it generally works in the following way:  A truck will require a guarantee of (as an example) $700.  If they sell $701.00 worth of product, there is no additional charge.  If, on the other hand, they only sell $650 you agree make up the difference. (in this case $50)

It is possible to find some trucks that will agree to vend without a guarantee.  The more promising the event (number of attendees, location of the venue etc.) the more likely it is to occur, but many of the most popular trucks will not commit to an event without a guarantee.  Without a commitment of some kind, trucks may also back out if they are offered a more lucrative event in the place of your event.


While we make a point of only dealing with reputable operators, food trucks can be a temperamental combination of mobile kitchen and motor vehicle.  Trucks encounter mechanical or other technical difficulties that can take them out of commission.  If there is a last-minute cancellation, we will do our very best to find an acceptable substitution. This is never the desire, but of course it is always possible.