November 13 2015 0Comment

Planning Your Next Event – With Food Trucks

Have you ever thought about using the best food trucks in LA for your hosting an event? Well if you haven’t it is about time you should. Why? Well that’s easy! It’s because they have become the next big thing when it comes to delicious street-style eating. Food trucks have become the bomb these days – and that is primarily because of the fact that they serve absolutely smashing food and have bigger followings than traditional restaurants.

Food trucks have also become a hit among ticket sellers because it allows them to sell more tickets – food trucks often market their brand by selling food on a specific day and people knowing this fact will come to eat because they are big fans of the brand. It is now very common to see food trucks at block parties and festivals – but that is not the only occasions they sell food at – most brands have now started to cater food to corporate events and privately hosted parties.

And one of the best advantages food trucks provide is a huge variety of food. Get this; one food truck with a variety of menus can feed up to 500 people!

If you are hosting a big event – you can invite multiple taco truck catering – arrange for some good music and the party will start to go along nicely. You can even provide guests with an all you can eat ticket for a decent price – which they can use to eat food from specific food trucks and have the time of their lives.

You can even give guests coupons when it comes to promotional or corporate events. Give the attendee a ticket that they can spend as cash and enjoy as much food as they want to at the event. Although giving coupons can be a bit costly – when you look at it as a whole it will still be cheaper than traditional catering and can seem to be more exclusive than just catering sandwiches and pizzas.

All in all, food truck corporate catering can be a very good idea to hosting a promotional event – attracting loads of food truck followers and people new to the concept of food truck eating.