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Experience The Best Movie Set Catering With Food Truck Connection

Food Truck Connection is a company that bring LA food lovers the best in the way of street food. We have worked with a team of food truck vendors for many years and can find the perfect match for you and your business.

Food from Around the World

When you choose to work with Food Truck Connect you can say goodbye to traditional catering that your staff do not look forward to. Instead you can eat the tastiest food from around the world, such as tacos, pizza, ramen, boas, Thai curries, and much more. There truly is a food truck to suit all tastes in LA and you and your crew can try it all.

Tasty Food Whenever you Need It

Food truck catering in Los Angeles allows people to eat fast, filling meals to people who do not have the time to dine in formal restaurants and most of the food is very affordable. Food Truck Connection knows how hectic it can be when keeping to a filming schedule as we have many years of experience in the Hollywood movie industry. We are always reliable, will prepare food to your schedule and make quick tasty lunches for your staff so that they can get back to filming when they are needed. Even though our food truck catering being quick to make it does not scrimp on quality. We have amazing feedback from previous customers and we want to put a smile on your face too.

To find the best taco truck catering near me for your next movie shoot, contact Food Truck Connection today to speak with one of the team.