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Exciting Summer Food Truck Wedding Catering Ideas

If you are planning on holding a food truck wedding in Los Angeles and are looking for the best food vendor to suit your tastes, Food Truck Connection can help you, well, connect! We work with the best brands in the industry, such as Hang 10 Tacos and The Hungry Nomad.

Fun and Budget Friendly

As your guests turn up for your wedding they will be delighted by your fancy food truck catering that will make your wedding the funkiest  in town. You can say bye to boring wedding catering and soggy sandwiches and say hello to tasty street food.

You can use the opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the art of street-food with an added bit of class. Wedding caterers Los Angeles can provide high-quality food at low prices that will awaken the taste buds of all of your guests.

A Relaxed Affair

When you choose a food truck wedding and begin to look for ‘food truck catering near me’ you will soon discover many trucks that offer a unique wedding experience. Guests can relax, chat, dance, eat, and be merry—everything that you want from a summer wedding.

When you work with Food Truck Connection you can discuss the best design, menu, service, and, staffing of your truck so that you never have to compromise on your dreams—summer food truck weddings truly rock!

To discuss ‘food truck wedding catering near me’ options for your wedding, contact Food Truck Connection today and we can organise the best street food in town.