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Food Truck Wedding Catering

Enjoy Japanese Street Food At Your Wedding

Japanese food trucks are very popular in LA, whether you want to eat traditional Japanese food or are looking for Asian-inspired creations Tokyo Japanese Style Food Truck has it all. If Asian influenced dishes sound like the ideal catering choice for your outdoor wedding let Food Truck Connection connect you to Tokyo Style Food Truck Catering.

Fun and Inspired

Tokyo Style Food Truck Catering are wedding caterers with a difference. You can choose from the incredible Rice Bowl Series, which is a US-Japan style infusion of flavors that will delight your guests or fish from the grill or vegan dogs! The menu really is packed full on fun and flavor which means you can never be seen as having had a normal wedding. A food truck wedding allows you and your guests to relax and joy the party without having to worry about a structured sit-down meal. This style of wedding is inexpensive, easy to organize, and will look great in your pictures for years to come.

Connecting Food Lovers

Food Truck Connection will work with your selected food truck to arrange customized menus, along with serving options leaving you free to enjoy your guests.  In addition, Food Truck Connection can accommodate your guest’s dietary needs. As leading wedding catering experts, we can ensure your big day runs smoothly.  Simply tell us how many guests you are catering for, your budget, the type of cuisine, style of service you would like serve and we work hand and hand in designing the prefect wedding menu.

Say no to traditional wedding catering and say hello to the best food truck to hit LA in a long time, Tokyo Style Food Truck Catering. Call now to book in your wedding reception or any other event.