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Food Truck Finder

Connecting With A Food Truck

If you are wanting to hire a food truck in the SoCal area for your next party or event but are not sure what you need to do here is a list of things to think about.

  1. Budget

Prices for food truck catering in SoCal varies greatly and this is certainly the case with street food. While food trucks are generally much cheaper than traditional Hollywood catering you will need to choose your cuisine, choose your budget and connect with Food Truck Connection to locate the perfect food truck for you and your event.

2. Location

Wither you hosting an event at home, a park, at the beach, some remote location Food Truck Connection will connect you with a Food Truck that is made to accommodate you and your venue.  Food Truck Connection will complete all the necessary paperwork including permits, Certificates of Insurance, along with any additional requirements the city may request. You sit back and enjoy your event.

3.Truck Numbers

Now that your budget and your location have been decided it is time to think about how many trucks you will need. Roughly, depending on your menu and serving times you will need 1 truck for every 250 guests.  If your number are larger than 250 guests 2 trucks will be needed. You may also wish to have 2 food trucks offering different types of cuisine. Such as a burger truck like Slamming Sliders and a Dessert Truck like My Delight Cakey.

4. Choose your Truck

There are so many different types of food trucks in the SoCal area to choose from, including taco trucks, burger trucks, BBQ trucks, sushi Trucks, chicken trucks, Asian inspired food truck, dessert trucks, and much more. Think about different foods you and your guests would like and connect with Food Truck Connection to select your food truck.

5. Finding the Best Truck

Now that you have an idea of what type of Food Trucks in SoCal you would like to hire you need to ensure that you get the best! You can do so by one again connecting with Food Truck Connection who can match the perfect food truck to your event.

To book your truck today get in touch and we can secure your date.