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Food Truck Catering Is The Latest Fad

The very first type of food truck was one that sold gourmet food – i.e., the restaurants. While the ambiance of restaurants is amazing, the food takes a long time to be prepared and the ingredients might not always be fresh. This is why food trucks became an instant hit and today several food trucks […]

All Kinds of Tasty Breakfast Options with Food Trucks

Food truck catering in Los Angeles has left behind the restaurants and its mundane menu. When it comes to enjoying all the five senses with fresh food, Americans emerge as the winners with their innovative way of serving fresh, piping hot and lip-smacking foods; be it a gourmet dish or a regular French fries and […]

Stamp an Impression with LA Hotel Catering

Street food got a whole new definition with the food truck catering in Los Angeles. The food on the wheels could be gorged upon anytime and anywhere. The cuisines struck the taste pallets to the extent that food trucks gained recognition for their hotel catering services. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate events, you name it and […]

Food Truck Consulting

With the traditional brick and mortar restaurants getting some serious competition from the mobile food trucks, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try one. Food trucks have been successful in redefining eateries. You enjoy delectable new flavors each week made from finest quality ingredients. With food truck revolution filling every street in Los Angeles, […]

Background Set Rental

Best Food Truck In LA: One of the fads that have recently caught up in Los Angeles is the food truck. The food trucks are rapidly becoming a huge success; thanks to their availability near the busiest places like universities, corporate buildings and offices. One such truck that has revolutionized the restaurant business is the […]

Food Truck On Rent As A Photo Shoot Prop

Food Truck popularity is increasing phenomenally in LA. Each and every street has a food truck with some or the other unique quality in them; some will have great food or variety in the menu or beautiful designer theme. All this is important to keep the craze alive among the people and make them return […]

Best Food On Wheels For Complete Cast and Crew

Food Trucks In Los Angeles  Food Truck on the streets is common scene now in LA. Food truck is a complete kitchen on wheels, which is fully equipped and furnished, with all the kitchen requirements. It serves various cuisines from Chinese to gourmet and all sorts of fast food like sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos and many more. […]